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Best Wifi Boosters and Extenders for Your RV

Best Wifi Boosters and Extenders for Your RV



  1. ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2
  2. Netgear EX2700
  3. BearExtender Outdoor RV and Marine Antenna
  4. Winegard Connect 2.0
  5. ALFA AWUS1900
  7. C.Crane Vector
  8. Winegard WF-4000 ODU


Taking your recreational vehicle on the road may be an ideal way of getting away from it all, especially in these times of coronavirus. But freedom and a certain amount of solitude doesn't need to mean being completely disconnected and out of touch.

From keeping up with family to accessing the latest health news, Wi-Fi is an important service to have. But unfortunately, the hotspot service at campsites and other RV locations around British Columbia isn't always up to scratch. Getting a good Wi-Fi booster will enhance the signal your trailer can use, making better use of the Wi-Fi available to improve your online experience.

But which extenders and boosters should you buy? Here are eight top recommendations.


1) ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 - A compact, long-range booster that's ideal for RVs parked far away from the nearest hotspot. It's easy to set up, and portable enough to easily move from your trailer to a boat, for example, making it a highly flexible device.

2) Netgear EX2700 - This is a simpler device aimed at enhancing your existing RV's Wi-Fi to support more devices at higher speed, making it great for the whole family. It's also very inexpensive, although the installation instructions aren't always totally clear.

3) BearExtender Outdoor RV and Marine Antenna - Capable of receiving Wi-Fi signals from miles away, this is great for recreational vehicles in secluded locations. The unit is attached to a 16-foot USB cable, so it's easy to position for the best signal while still using your laptop in comfort.

4) Winegard Connect 2.0 - Very easy to set up and boasting a 20-foot power cable, this extender is ideal for when your RV is located far away from the nearest hotspot. It's also highly weatherproof for real wilderness exploration.

5) ALFA AWUS1900 - Capable of connection speeds of up to 1900Mbps, this device is excellent for streaming video across several devices at once. Also, its dual-band antennae help eliminate dead spots and delays.

6) ALFA AWUS036NH - Rated at a power output of 2000mw, this device is capable of communicating with extremely remote hotspots, especially when the large external antenna is attached.

7) C.Crane Vector - If you regularly stray far from the nearest hotspot, this device can keep you in touch. Its parabolic directional antenna can receive signals from over three miles away and link them into your own full-speed Wi-Fi hotspot.

8) Winegard WF-4000 ODU - This is perhaps the ultimate RV Wi-Fi solution. Its powerful amplifier can boost remote hotspots to a highly usable level, while its integrated 4G LTE means your Wi-Fi devices can connect almost anywhere in the country, hotspot or not. It's also supremely simple to set up, with nearly all functions configuring themselves automatically.

Taking your recreational vehicle on the road shouldn't mean complete isolation, especially in these times of coronavirus when you need information on tap. Using any of these devices will boost and extend your WiFi experience, wherever you park your trailer around British Columbia.



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