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Guidelines and Resources for Safe RVing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guidelines and Resources for Safe RVing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Midtown RV understands that people's main priority during the coronavirus pandemic is staying safe and healthy. For many, this means staying at home and sheltering in place because most types of travel have been put on hold. However, RV travel is an alternate method that allows people to be in a safe location away from other people while still seeing new places and experiencing new adventures.


Staying Informed

RV_social distancing

Before setting off on any RV adventure, it is important to know what is happening in the location to which you are traveling. This is especially true during the coronavirus pandemic because many campgrounds, parks, and other destinations might be closed due to restrictions.

It is easy to get the most up-to-date coronavirus information and recommendations for staying safe during the outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) has numerous resources for the public, including situation updates, country and technical guidance, advice, and more.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is a great countrywide resource that provides the latest info on the coronavirus outbreak and its possible health risks to Canadians. In addition, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control provides BC-specific case information by region, including recoveries, deaths, hospitalizations, testing, and more.

All these resources provide knowledge to keep the public informed on the spread of coronavirus and guidance on how to remain safe and healthy.


Tips for RVing

While taking off in a recreational vehicle (RV) during the coronavirus pandemic might seem like a great idea, many things should be considered before embarking on a trip. Here are a few tips to make travel less stressful and more fun.


Stay Connected

Heading out to the middle of nowhere with no one else around might seem like a great idea, but the coronavirus situation changes day by day and hour by hour. For this reason, it is important to stay connected to what is happening, even though it might seem easier to leave it behind.

No matter where the RV is parked--a private campground, off the grid, or other location--a stable electricity source and ability to access the Internet is imperative. This ensures availability to essential local and government information on the ever-changing coronavirus situation.


Stay Prepared

It is always important to have an emergency plan when RVing. Supplies should remain well-stocked--finding access to an open store might be challenging--and a plan should be known if a situation arises that warrants the need to move quickly. Because of the nature of coronavirus, RVers should remain alert and keep apprised of the situation at all locations along their route as sites and campgrounds might open or close without much warning.


Stay Calm, Go with the Flow, and Have Fun

An RV trip during the coronavirus pandemic will definitely look different than during normal times. However, as long as RVers stay informed about what is going on, stay connected to the outside world, and make changes along the way as required, there is no reason that an RV trip cannot be a fun, exciting, and safe travel experience during the coronavirus pandemic.



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