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Newmar Motorhomes: Five Popular Models and Their Luxury Features

Newmar Motorhomes: Five Popular Models and Their Luxury Features

Newmar motorhomes offer the last word in luxury for life on the road. Built using superior craftsmanship and including only the highest quality equipment, they offer a true home on wheels wherever your travels take you.

And although they're famed for their deluxe facilities and amenities, their motorhomes also include three notable features unique to the Newmar range.




1) Comfort Drive


The Comfort Drive system is a trademarked feature that's standard on all Newmar's current diesel and luxury models. It consists of an active steering system that takes the effort out of cornering, giving a more stable steering wheel position with less movement for a more comfortable drive. It also helps to maintain a straight driving line in high crosswinds or other difficult conditions.


2) Passive Steer Technology


In addition to Comfort Drive, the Passive Steer system spreads the steering load between the front and rearmost axles. This advanced feature provides a 20% tighter turning angle, reduced tire wear, and more precise handling for less steering wheel movement.


3) Masterpiece Paint Finish


All Newmar motorhomes feature the Masterpiece paint finish, a full-body painting technique that's unique to the company. The process uses multiple layers of primer and colour, plus graphics and a final protective layer. The result is a consistently smooth finish which adds to the luxurious feel of all Newmar motorhomes.


The Most Popular Newmar Motorhome Models


The Newmar motorhome range contains a large number of models to suit all needs and budgets. Here are five of the most popular which are available both brand new and pre-owned.


- Bay Star Sport


The Bay Star Sport is the most affordable way of owning a Newmar, but it still offers the luxury and amenities you'd expect from the brand. Features include a gas engine, powered side awning, 4kw generator, comfortable family area, and integrated Wi-Fi throughout.


- Kountry Star


The Kountry Star is the entry-level diesel model, and the lowest-priced Newmar to be equipped with the Comfort Drive system. It also features an 8kw generator to power the extensive entertainment facilities and living amenities.


- Dutch Star


The Dutch Star is Newmar's most luxurious Class A diesel motorhome, and also the best-selling model in the entire Newmar range. It features a powerful 450hp engine, an outdoor entertainment centre, and cathedral ceilings for extra height and spaciousness.


- Mountain Aire


One of the more affordable members of Newmar's ultimate luxury lineup, the Mountain Aire is ideal for extended trips in the outdoors. It includes everything you need for a comfortable life on the move, with amenities including heated floors, sensor-operated air conditioning, and full indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities.


- King Aire


Lastly, the King Aire is the pinnacle of the Newmar luxury range. Among countless other features it offers a huge 12.5kw generator, dual side awnings with wind sensors and LED lights, keyless entry, and a security camera system.


Test Drive a Newmar Motorhome in BC


The quality, comfort, and facilities of Newmar motorhomes need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. If you want to learn more, contact us now to test drive a Newmar motorhome in BC, and experience the ultimate in mobile luxury for yourself.

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