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RV Owners Donate Their RVs to Healthcare Workers to Help Protect Their Families

RV Owners Donate Their RVs to Healthcare Workers to Help Protect Their Families

All over the world, doctors, nurses, and other emergency service professionals are stepping up and rushing to the frontlines to try and stop the spread of COVID-19. These men and women are not only putting their own lives at risk in order to protect others, but they are also putting their families' lives at risk. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) seems to be extremely contagious, and just a few short months after it was discovered, it had made its way to almost every country in the world.

RVs to Healthcare Workers

To help protect the families of these brave men and women, some RV owners have taken to social media to offer their RVs to doctors and nurses for a place for them to isolate themselves away from their families in order to help further stop the spread of COVID-19.


How People Come Up with Idea to Donate Their RVs to Healthcare Workers?


The idea to donate an RV to frontline healthcare workers first came about when a nurse, who was working in the ER, posted a message n Facebook asking if anyone had an RV that they would lend her. The nurse wanted to continue to help her patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19, but she was too scared that she was going to accidentally give the virus to one of her family members.


It didn't take long for RV owners to hop on social media, offering up their RVs to anyone who needed them. Thanks to the selflessness of many Canadians, there are several healthcare workers that are able to continue in their fight to flatten the curve of COVID-19 without having to worry about passing the virus to their loved ones.


Why Do RVs Make a Great Choice During the COVID-19 Pandemic?


RVs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and provide occupants with all of the comforts from home. For healthcare workers who are constantly coming in contact with COVID-19, this means that after a long day at work, they still get to come home and enjoy a nice hot meal and a comfortable place to sleep.


Because RVs were specifically made to be transported, this also means that they can easily park the RV in their backyard or driveway. This allows them to still be close to their family without having to actually share the same living space with them. Thanks to the RVs, healthcare workers can now see their children and other family members from the safety of and comfort of their own home, without getting too close.


The COVID-19 pandemic affected the entire world quickly. No one anticipated how this virus would change the world forever. But thanks to many caring and compassionate RV owners, healthcare workers will still be able to work on the frontlines and hopefully stop this virus, without having to worry about infecting anyone else.

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