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The 5 Best Full Time RV Living YouTube Channels

The 5 Best Full Time RV Living YouTube Channels

Switching over to full-time RV living is a dream for many people who enjoy the freedom of the road, but there's no denying that it can be a daunting step to take. But thanks to the internet, it's now easier than ever to learn from the experience of other RV owners who've already made the break.


YouTube in particular is an excellent source of hints, tips, and how-to guides covering the whole subject of full-time RV living, and here are five of the best channels to follow.


1) Less Junk, More Journey


Many people assume that full-time RV life is only for older people with few commitments or responsibilities, but Marissa and Nathan show that the option is open to everyone. Living full time in their RV along with their two children since 2015, they've picked up plenty of expertise which they're happy to share in their beautifully produced videos.


2) We're the Russos


The Russos, AKA Joe and Kait, have been living on the road for many years and have experienced life in a large variety of RVs. From starting off in a Class A and Jeep combination before switching to a simple van, they've now settled on a flat bed camper on a diesel truck. Their videos are well produced and have a huge sense of personality, as well as being packed with useful information and advice for anyone thinking of following in Joe and Kait's tracks.


3) Creativity RV


The Creativity RV channel is run by Robin, and it provides an honest and forthright account of her experiences as a single female living the full-time life. Her content goes beyond the norm by dealing with perhaps sensitive topics including making a living while travelling, an area few other sources of information cover in any great depth.


4) Off-Grid Backcountry Adventures


Featuring Brian Galyon and his dog Sierra, this channel explores the more back-to-basics side of RV life. Much of the content covers Brian's experiences camping in the backcountry of Colorado and Arizona, relying on as few no-nonsense tips and tricks as possible to survive full time in the woods and high desert alike. If you're looking for a guide on living a simpler and freer life in your RV, then this is a go-to source of information.


5) Elsa Rhae and Barron


Lastly, Elsa Rhae and Barron sold off their Kansas City apartment and bought a tiny camper van to share with their dog, Kamp. Their approach to RV life is to keep everything as simple as possible, and their hugely engaging videos share tips about cooking, cleaning, and other aspects of everyday life in such basic surroundings.


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