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To camp or not to camp during COVID-19

To camp or not to camp during COVID-19

As the first confirmed case of the coronavirus made its mark in Canada on January 27, 2020, the entire landscape of social activities took a hit. From dining at restaurants to partying with friends to traveling by plane and even camping, the way people conducted their lives began to dramatically shift when the coronavirus, called COVID-19, struck the country. With the virus running its course, it has now reached over 99,800 cases as of June 17th.
What does this mean for those who want to do some vacationing this summer? Some people may question whether they should camp or not camp since doing other travel-related things is even more restricted. Camping, however, is still an option that provides people with some fresh air and exercise.

Status of Campgrounds in the Area

Camping restrictions were strict for the first part of spring and early summer with campsites regretfully having to close down or restrict their activities. This made it difficult for the campsite facilities, as well as people vacationing.
However, British Columbia Parks and Recreation issued a statement at the beginning of June saying that campgrounds would be allowed to reopen in June. Some opened on June 1st, while others were scheduled to open in the coming weeks. Most likely by July, many camp sites will be in full operation with guidelines. Some of the guidelines will include such things like stay two metres apart on the beach, stay home if you have a cough or fever, and so on. The full set of guidelines can be found here.

To Camp Or Not To Camp

Now, it's up to you whether you feel comfortable camping or not. Experts recommend spending time outdoors and in nature to ward off mental health conditions that can arise during times of a pandemic. This is especially helpful when people have been shut in their homes for an extended time. In addition, the virus is said to dissipate more in the outdoor air. During camping activities, you will spend a good deal of time outdoors hiking, swimming, and boating. Furthermore, physical distancing is easier.
Finally, if you have a recreational vehicle during coronavirus, you can exercise greater control over your environment, thereby ensuring your own safety. During camping in your own RV, you will have a private, comfortable space to relax and enjoy the beauty of being in nature.

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