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Top 4 Coachmen Motorhome Models

Top 4 Coachmen Motorhome Models

Coachmen has been building high-quality RVs, fifth wheels, and travel trailers since 1964. Over the years they've become one of the top-selling brands in North America, with over three-quarters of a million RV sales to their name.


Part of this success is down to their unique take on the whole RV market. They describe themselves as primarily being in the housing business, but with a large part of their product line happening to be mobile. This approach is most clearly seen in Coachmen's marketing materials, which place as much emphasis on floor plans and amenities as they do on mechanical specifications.


Coachmen's Class A and Class C Motorhomes


Coachmen are most visible in the class A and class C parts of the motorhome market. This means they can offer large vehicles suitable for a permanent or semi-permanent life on the road, alongside smaller recreational vehicles suitable for short trips and weekends away.


Top Coachmen Models


The Coachmen RV range is a large one, especially when the second-driver market is taken into account. However, there are a few models that particularly stand out as great buys.




Coachmen Sportcoach 2014 Interior and Exterior


The Coachmen Sportscoach line is a range of class A, 36-foot RVs packed with enough facilities and luxuries for a comfortable life on the move. An RV of this size needs plenty of power under the hood, and the Sportscoach doesn't disappoint.


The engines are designed around diesel from the ground-up, and produce up to 340 horsepower, more than enough for even the most challenging roads. Combine this with a six-speed Allison transmission system, and the Sportscoach is a pleasure to drive as well as highly comfortable to live in.




Coachmen Prism interior and exterior


The Prism range is more firmly aimed at the value section of the market. However, these smaller class C RVs are in no sense basic models. They pack in all the amenities and features that Coachmen are famous for, but at a highly affordable price. Typical benefits include residential flooring, soft-touch ceiling, tinted windows, and a great-looking full fiberglass cap.


Cross Trek


Coachmen Cross Trek Interior and Exterior design


The new Cross Trek announced its arrival in style by winning the RV Business Top RV Debut award for 2020. Another class C motorhome, the Cross Trek is based around a choice of Ford or Chevy chassis, so you can count on its mechanical quality and reliability.


However, the main selling point of this model is its eco-friendly design, replacing a traditional generator with advanced battery technology and solar charging options. It also features an unsurpassed amount of exterior storage, making it an ideal vehicle for shorter off-grid adventures.




coachmen freelander interior and exterior


Lastly, the Freelander range of motorhomes is at the larger end of class C, and so ideal for spending extended trips in comfort. What's more, it's designed to have as many factory-installed features as possible without bumping up the price. This approach makes it an affordable but serious choice for novice and experienced RVers alike.


There's much more to Coachmen RVs than these four models. To see our full range of Coachmen motorhomes in BC, please visit our Penticton dealership at 310 Industrial Avenue West.

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