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Top 5 Best RV and Motorhome YouTube Channels

Top 5 Best RV and Motorhome YouTube Channels

One of the joys of the RV life is the way you can learn from other RVers, sharing experiences, tips, and advice with like-minded travelers. The web can take this even further, connecting you with fellow RV owners in Alberta and beyond, widening the amount of information you can find with just a click or two.

A perfect example of this is on YouTube, where there are many channels packed with hints, advice, destination guides, and simple entertainment, all centred around the topic of RVs and motorhomes. Here are five of the best.

1) RV 101


If you're looking for information on buying a new RV, repairing your current one, or adding upgrades and accessories, RV 101 is your go-to channel. One excellent advantage of this video collection is the way the topics are broken down into bite-size chunks, giving you the information you need without forcing you to sit through a 20 minute opus. Handily for beginners, there's also a set of guides to driving an RV, covering everything from tail swing to correct mirror use.

2) RV Geeks

The RV Geeks channel is dedicated to the technical and mechanical aspects of RV life, with tutorials on repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. The videos are easy to follow, and give all the information you need to handle basic repairs and upkeep, while also describing more detailed issues which may require professional attention. If you're having any minor problems with your RV, heading for this channel before booking into a repair shop could save you plenty.

3) Drivin' and Vibin'


Drivin' and Vibin' is hosted by full-timers Olivia and Kyle, and details their journey toward a pared-down, minimalist lifestyle in their vintage camper. Their channel covers practical advice, travelogues, interviews with other RVers, and much more, all built up over the pair's extensive travels since 2015. The channel has a friendly and laid-back vibe, and the approachable and helpful couple regularly host question and answer sessions with their audience.

4) RV Love

If you're considering switching to a full-time RV life, RV Love is an invaluable channel to follow. Marc and Julie Bennett have been full-timers since 2014, and have created a huge number of videos covering every aspect of their experiences. From how-to guides to technical tutorials, problem solving to surviving in the boondocks, this channel covers an impressive amount of ground.

5) Mortons on the Move


Lastly, Mortons on the Move is run by Tom and Caitlin Morton, and focuses on the young couple's life on the road with their two dogs. Rather than delving deep into the technical aspects of owning an RV, the channel is more concerned with living the full-time life, and the joys and challenges it brings. Expect destination guides, tips for moving to RVing full time, and advice on exploring off the beaten path.

Explore RVs and Motorhomes for Alberta and Beyond

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