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What Are the 5 Best RV Solar Panels?

What Are the 5 Best RV Solar Panels?

For extended trips in recreational vehicles, a reliable source of power is invaluable. This is even more the case while the coronavirus pandemic is still active. Even if you're trying to stay as isolated as possible, you still need to maintain contact with the outside world in case of emergency and to keep up with the latest news.

Adding solar power to your RV needn't be complicated, even for the total beginner. Here are seven great solar panels and kits which will help you explore British Columbia for longer without worrying about keeping your generator supplied with fuel.

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1) Renogy KIT-RV400D 12V

If you're looking for efficient, high-energy output in low-light conditions, this system is hard to beat. Averaging an output of 1,800Wh or 160Ah per day, the system includes a bypass diode to reduce power drops in cloudy or shady periods, giving reliable and efficient performance.

2) WindyNation 400W Solar Kit

This kit includes four separate 100W panels to provide plenty of juice for all your devices. However, the most impressive benefit is the P30L charge controller, which gives plenty of useful information including voltage, amperage, load draw, and more on its clear LCD display.

3) HQST 100W Kit

Convenient and easy to install, this is the ideal solar power kit for the complete beginner. It won't provide huge amounts of energy compared to the more expensive systems, but it'll be plenty for standard use including water pumps, lighting, and overall RV power.

4) Allpowers Sunpower 100W RV Solar Panel

This bendable panel is ideal for installation on a trailer's rounded roof, or on any other uneven surface where a fixed panel would be difficult to fit. It can flex to 30°, and its lightweight design means it's especially suitable for smaller trailers and RVs.

5) Go Power! Weekender Complete System

This kit contains everything you need to charge a deep cycle battery, as well as an inverter to power your TV and appliances using it. The charge controller mounts flush with the wall to save space, and can be used to charge multiple batteries.


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